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Hi i am Sieuwe

Electronics, Python, c++, Computer Vision, Artifical Intelligence, Youtube, IOT, 3D printing


The Self Driving ATV




Mechanical engineering

Downhill Mountinbike racing


I am an embedded systems student with deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision techniques. I have experience in the hardware and software field ranging back to 2016 where I started learning new concepts from online tutorials. After learning a new technique, I applied it in the real world in the form of a self-made project which are documented online and can be found on my website. During this time, I have learned to independently learn new concepts and think outside the box to solve complex problems. Because I was of a young age during this time, I did not have the best computer or large budget. This made me learn to adapt and come up with innovative solutions when there are computational or budget constraints. During high school I followed the bilingual course and achieved the International Baccalaureate (IB) certificate which means I can think critically and express myself in the English language. I have experience in working with large teams using an agile workflow which is also my preferred working environment.

Interested in some of my projects like Autonomous vehicles and object detection? Then check out my YouTube Channel!

I am currently seeking a International intership position for 2021/2022 in the above mentioned fields. Let me know if you have a opportunity available!